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Please take a minute to read over our frequently asked questions. This should give you a very good idea of how our service works and what you can expect from us.

1. How does your service work?
It's just 3 easy steps
o Call and schedule a pick up.
o We come to your location at the scheduled time, pick up and weigh your order, giving you the price and expected delivery.
o Finally, we bring you back your completed order, washed and folded according to your specifications.

2. Do you offer a dry cleaning service?
Yes, We have an agreement with a local dry cleaner and have negotiated lower rates for our clients based on the volume that we bring. We do not mark up the price at all, we offer this service free of charge in an effort to continue to offer the highest value to our clients and to guarantee best prices in the Industry .
* Note- dry cleaner fees do not figure in to the Laundry Savers minimum amount per order. None of our discount offers or coupons apply to dry cleaning service.

3. What is your normal washing process?
We wash clothes using a proprietary process which we have designed to maximize the life of your clothing and other household items, and to increase your comfort in their use. Rest assured that we only use bleach by request. We can wash orders on your specified settings if you desire, just let us know any special instructions you may have.

4. Do you give special attention to infant clothing items?
We can. Unless you request it we will wash infant clothing along with the rest of your order. If you request it we can separate out infant clothing and wash them separately in a sensitive formula or a combination of organic non-toxic detergent.

5. How do you manage and treat stains?
Unfortunately most stains require immediate attention and are beyond our ability to clean at our delayed treatment time. That said, we will treat any stains that we find, or that you point out to us when we pick up your order, but we do not guarantee their removal.

6. Can you meet my special laundry needs such as allergies to certain detergents, etc?
Within certain reasonable limitations we will be more than happy to custom fit our service to your needs. Just let us know how we can help.

7. Do you press, iron or starch clothing?
We do offer ironing and starching upon request, but at additional cost. Ask for our current rates when you call to place your order.

8. Do you pick up my clothes or do I drop them off?
We come to you and pick up your order. We do not accept any drop off's.

9. When do you typically pick up orders?
Orders are picked up and delivered daily between 11:00 am and 9:30 pm. If you require a special pick up time outside of these normal hours let us know. We will try to accommodate if at all possible.

10. What care is given to maintain the privacy of my order and the items I have Laundry Savers wash?
Rest assured that we are completely dedicated to protecting the privacy and dignity of our customers. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and your items will be washed with complete respect for you and your items.

11. How long does your service take?
We offer two different delivery options. (All depends on how big is your order )
o Standard Next day delivery. Your order delivered the following day ( evenings times until 9pm )
o Two-day service. ( big amount of clothes - Five bags or more) Your order delivered to you the second day. (Note- the day of pick up does not count as the first day, i.e. If your order is picked up on Monday it will be delivered by Wednesday, 2 days later)

12. Why does your "standard" service require next day drop off ?

Laundry Savers is committed to delivering the highest quality and total customer satisfaction. It's true that some drop off cleaners may offer same or next day service as their standard, but this causes many problems for you, the client (not to mention that they charge you more and require that you pick up and drop of your own laundry). The way these companies achieve such a quick turn around is because they mark your clothing (by stapling a tag to each item) and then combine them with all of their other orders in a large washing machine and wash them all together. This gives them the ability to wash and dry all of their orders in one process. This process is wrought with failure, lost items, damaged clothing (if someone else left a pen in their pants pocket, your clothes gets stained), etc. If you experience loss or damage to your clothing with these other cleaners it may never be resolved. At Laundry Savers we never wash your items with anyone elses. Your clothes are separated and washed and never combined with any other order. This process takes time, but it is also the reason why we are the only company that is able to offer a guarantee on your order. Two days means high quality service that you can trust.

13. What is your pricing structure?
Our laundry services are competitively priced against other comparable Pick up & delivery laundries in New York. Not to mention that they charge you for delivery Services.
We have worked diligently to provide low cost services, delivering the highest quality and total customer satisfaction. So take advantage of our special laundry services pricing.

14. Do you offer any discounts or coupons?
We do offer coupons periodically through different advertising media or by e-mail.
We also have two standard discounts available at all times as well
o If you are a regular customer with a standing, weekly, scheduled pick up time, you'll receive coupons periodically by e-mail.
o If you refer a friend to us, you will receive a 10% discount on your next order. Just have your referral mention your name and we will give you the discount on your next order.

15. When do I pay you for your service?
Payment is made when your completed order is delivered back to you. If you cannot meet us for delivery to make a payment, you can make payment at pick up, or online via our pay-pal account prior to your order's completion.

16. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card and PayPal. For your convenience, we have a secured online payment option to allow you to pay your invoice through our secured site. ( Payment is made prior to when your clothes are delivered to you.)

We accept the following forms of payment:

o Cash
o Credit Cards and Debit through Pay-Pal on our website
o Payments through our Mobile Card Reader

17. What areas do you service?
At this time, we only offer Free pick up and delivery to New York City and Bronx daily.
We are looking to expand our pickup and delivery routes soon, so please leave us your information so we can make educated decisions on providing this service for you or where to expand our routes next.


18. Do I have to be home for the pick-up or delivery ?

No. You do not have to be home for your pick-up / delivery.

If you live in an Apt/Condo building with a doorman. The night before/morning of one of your designated pick up days, leave a bag filled with your clothes that need to be cleaned with your doorman, and inform him that this is a package which will be picked up by your cleaning service.

19. Do I need to separate my laundry ?
There is no need to separate your colors and whites. We will do that for you. You should, however, be sure that your socks are not balled up, and that there aren't clothes inside of clothes, such as two shirts that you took off together, or shorts and sweats that came off together. These oversights will prevent your clothes from getting their cleanest and may result in color runs. We also suggest that women use garment bags for their bras and underwear to prevent damage and potential loss from the laundry machines (due to some of these garments being so small).

20. What about delicate items like sweaters or " air dry " clothes ?
If you would like something special done with your clothes, we will be more than happy to comply if possible. We will air dry, low heat dry and wash in delicate cycle. Simply put a " DO NOT DRY " or " AIR DRY " note in your laundry bag with specific instructions, or tell the driver during the pickup. If you can isolate the specific garments you want special care for, that helps make sure we get the right ones.

21. What about Flat dry sweaters ?
We cannot offer Flat Dry Sweaters and other heavy clothing that will stretch out of shape when hung wet. The dryer and hangers can damage delicate "flat dry only" clothes. We will always do our best to dry those items, but we cannot guarantee the changing of shape or stretching during the process.
Flat dry clothes use a screen made for that purpose. If you don't have a drying screen, you can use clean towels spread on a table. Lay clothes on the screen or towel and leave until dry.